Adult Education in the USA Issues and Trends

Anyone who is 16 years of age and older is considered an adult and technology is something that can impact every age group as well as education. Education in the United States has become very advanced in the way it works around students. Opportunities for adults continue to grow in the United States as they advance through the year. According to Dr. Paul Jay Edelson biologist tend to compare human education with sciences due to studies conducted on the different companies and organizations they may help those adults receive an education. Six functions are concluded according to research that helps education expand towards adults’ knowledge. Urban Education such as colleges have a great contribution towards making a difference, the smaller the college the high percentage of graduates because of the class ratio. If the university has a large enrollment there is lower graduate percentage because class ratios are bigger. These differences and functions allow education and adults to grow as students and future innovators.


Getting the Grammar

When writing an essay it may come easy at first as if you were writing down a cooking recipe and instructions for a friend. A speech may be a bit frightening by according to Kate when inspired to write about someone or to a crowd grammar can come easy. Literature can help an adult in the future as well a college student studying for a major. For example: class speeches can help the students express or discuss an issue but as well allow the listeners to put them in the speech and if it affects their lives or makes them feel about the situation. Literature is important towards education and future of today’s innovators without it there wouldn’t be a way to express them self to others or inform people through education.

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